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BMX bikes

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Showing 1 - 12 of 109 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 109 items

The BMX bike in the novice's understanding is bikes for tricks, but everyone uses it in their own way. Some buy bmx to show off to friends, others to ride on it to a store or park, and for others it's a real sports inventory.

BMX bicycles have several varieties, but there are common to all traits:

  • 20 "strong wheels, usually on a relatively wide rubber
  • Sturdy frame with special geometry and horizontal dropouts
  • High steering wheel with crossbar
  • One fixed transmission (singlespide)

According to the styles of riding bicycles are divided into three styles:

  • Street / Dirt / Park: These are the strongest and therefore the heaviest bmx (relative to the following types), such bikes will survive a lot of falls, curves of landings and other things. Frames for this style are made of Cr-Mo with the use of batting technology (variable pipe section). Wheels are based on bushes with industrial bearings on hollow steel axes and usually double rims. Tricks in these styles are primarily jumping from the springboards and departures with various rotations of the rider and bike, slipping on the pegs and holding the balance, so it's important to buy the BMX bike correctly. It is important to remember that the easier a bicycle is, the more technically advanced it is for a beginner to buy a bmx bike easier. Be sure to purchase the first bicycle, buy a set of basic necessary protection (helmet, elbow, knee-leg, gloves), this will save you from injuries and bruises while studying the basic elements.
  • Flatland: The style is very beautiful. Tricks in this style look like a dance with a bike. Even the simplest elements and movements are honed for months or even years, this style requires stone aging, perseverance and patience. BMX of this type have a distinctive geometry of the frame with a curved lower tube, a saddle of a special shape. The floppy wheel is already normal and taller. Such bmx are often equipped with pegs, always 4 pcs.
  • Race: The oldest style with it all started. Children collected small bicycles copying motorcycles and presented themselves as racers, competed. Races on bmx on the pampus track or track, on speed and technique or championship, arose in the 60's. Bicycles of this type have very light weight, narrow wheels and a large transmission force, thanks to a large front star for a set of maximum speed, because usually a route with no large difference in altitude and consists of many hills and turns. Often, bmx voyages have both brakes for better control. This is the only style where the frame can be made even from carbon or aluminum.

Our bmx bike store provides a great choice for every style, in a different price range, so you can buy a bmx bike inexpensively.

BMX bicycles for beginners

Given that more experienced riders already know what they want, I would like to pay special attention to the category of bicycles for a beginner. The bmx bicycle even for the simplest unit starts at $ 300-400. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the frame material, the cheapest frames are made of Hi-ten alloy - ordinary steel, those that have more expensive main chromium pipes (combined Cr-Mo / Hi-ten), and only top models can boast a fully Cr frame -mo 4130. It is worth reading the description and ask our consultant.

The kit should not be left without attention, do not be lazy and look in the spare parts section of every detail on your BMX bike, see how much it costs separately and how it's quality. Pay special attention to the frame, bushings, connecting rods and steering wheel. Light BMX bicycles can not be cheap in any way, because high technologies require new production technologies and costs for improvement.

In which video is the bicycle sold and delivered?

Sale of the bmx bike is made in a box, so you need to finish it, for this look at the section "USEFUL INFORMATION" on our website and stock up with the necessary tool.

How much does the most steep BMX bike cost?

The cost of the top BMX bike from $ 1000, these bikes are designed for more technical skiing and are able to withstand the maximum loads.

In order to buy a bmx bicycle in our store, you need to call our contact phone or place an order on the site. We will gladly give advice and send you the goods.